Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Checking in on me

The end of the bedtime routine was just about complete. Teeth were brushed, bottoms were cleaned...All that was left was for the girls to go to sleep; a task, I was going to let Trasie take on all by herself...I still had a pile of dishes in the kitchen calling for me to take care of them. So, I suggested, "I'm going to go wash up the dishes while mommy puts you to bed," and discretely made my way into the kitchen.
As efficiently as possible, I began the job, distracting myself with podcasts: finishing up an Episode of "This American Life," and catching a short post-game interview with Coach Paul Johnson.
It was during this interview that I heard little footsteps. A head peaked around the corner, and a bright smile came across her beautiful face.  "What you doin', Daddy?" asked Zia.
"I'm washing dishes, what are you doing out of bed?", I asked trying to conceal my smile. She pretended she didn't hear my question, or maybe she had already distracted herself by some random object lying around.
She didn't linger long, just checking in on me, I suppose, letting me know that she noticed my absence..maybe even missed me.
I talk about needing a "break" from time to time, from the girls. The girls, while certainly spending time apart from me, never suggest they need a break.  If I'm around, they are willing to engage me full on (which is why I need a break I suppose).  But, what an honor to be sought after, admired...what a complement they want to spend their time with me.  What flattery Zia coming to check in on me, see how I was doing.
I paused the podcast. But, I did go back to washing dishes, but engaged her for a bit.  Then, in a flash, she ran back off to her room, and didn't emerge again this evening.